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732/21 Second Street, Manchester,
King Street, Kingston United Kingdom


Fb In Fl

The Process


Firstly there is no rush, breathe….talk to us about your journey, what your expectations are, what kind of images you would like.  Of course you may be a little nervous or aprehensive – this is normal.  We shall take the lead but never feel you are being pushed in a different direction to one you have in your mind.

You can then make your online booking, choosing a date and time that works for you.


Black and white boudoir photo shoot in London of a girl on the bed

The Shoot

When you arrive at our studio we shall again take our time with you and discuss everything with you so nothing comes as a suprise!  If you are new to this we shall set up a couple of short 5 min film clips for you to watch showcasing a previous Client’s journey – this will calm your nerves and point you in the right direction.  Then a few moments to get ready and then …..”Click Click” your journey has begun.


Editing, Retouching and of course Champagne!

Depending on your purchased experience, you now have about an hour to head out and go for some fresh air, lunch or a little (or not so little) Champagne!  You will feel GREAT, CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED but most of all like a WOMAN!

Then it’s back to the studio to peek at your Boudoir Portfolio.



Printing or Downloading

There is no pressure that you have to purchase anything more from us.  Depending on the package you have purchased will depend on how you now receive your images.  Whichever package you have chosen you will receive ALL of the original images.  We shall only keep a copy with your prior agreement for further editing and the printing of your images.

Then simply take your images home and show off your journey to your friends, family or lover.