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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  We shoot in a “real home” studio in Fitzrovia, London (just a 12 min walk from London Euston Train station).  This is available with no additional charge with a booked session.  Our “studio”, a recently renovated and modern apartment with perfect natural light that will make you glow.  Our mix of modern furniture and neutral tones will give your boudoir portraits a sexy, but classy feel.  Shooting on location of your own home or a hotel is also an option if you have other ideas!

The cost is shown on our “Experience” pages.  These costs are true and include everything stated under the experience.  Of course on the day if you wish you can pay for items “not” included in your current experience such as extra images, extra edited images and a leather album.

You will not be able to upgrade your “Experience” on the day due to other bookings and time constraints.

Over the years and hundreds of sessions, I have shot women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  No one comes in knowing how to pose, and everyone leaves with amazing pictures!  Read some testimonials for examples of their experiences.  You’ve hired me to make you look and feel the best you ever have, and I guarantee you’ll leave with a new found confidence.  Your only job: have fun and relax.  I only ask that you place your confidence in me.   With amazing posing, natural lighting and direction, you will love your portraits.

Not unless you say it’s okay!  Every client I feature on my website has given me written permission to post her images.  Privacy is very important to me.  If you decide you don’t want them shared, that is completely fine.  If you want to give permission, I’d LOVE to share them so other women can get an idea of what the experience looks and feels like.

Yes! Photoshop can reduce or completely remove most common issues.  I do less editing than many boudoir photographers because I believe in showing the real you.  I have never been a fan of pictures that make people look like plastic dolls.  After hundreds of shoots I’ve mastered the lighting and posing that is used to flatter you specific body type, no matter your curves or age.  Photoshop can then be used to perfect the images.

All images are taken in our studio unless you would prefer some in the local area, a park for example (obviously we would need to be very careful).  Your images will be taken in different rooms within the studio i.e. by the window, on a chair, on a rug, in the bedroom, on the bed and so on.

Remember this is Boudoir!  It is up to you how far you are willing to go as we want you to feel comfortable and more importantly they are your images.  It is not about being “naked” – it is about feeling empowered, feeling beautiful and sexy.  Your comfort levels will be disussed before and during the shoot.

It’s true! You will find the majority of Boudoir Studios/Photographers charge you a set photographer fee and then the experience looks cheaper, achievable and affordable but … after the shoot you soon realise that you have to pay for each image individually on top of the original photographers fee (around £50 per image) and any albums (approx £1200 per album of 18 images), editing and stylist fees.

So what we show you is actually what you receive.  

Please compare our prices and product quality against other companies.

Please do!  I highly encourage bringing a friend to your shoot and ask about our specials for booking with friends!

Absolutely! But…only for those that have booked “The VIP Experience”.  Having your hair and makeup done is an integral part of your experience.  Sit back, relax with a glass of wine, and chat with us a little before your shoot.

I am afraid that unless you have booked our “The VIP Experience” we shall not be able to add “Hair and Make-up” to your current experience but do encourage you to arrive ready to go, nor will you have the time during your booked experience to bring your own stylist with you as this will only eat in to your time slot.  You should think about this before you arrive.  Of course during your experience you can refresh your own make up and hair using our facilities.  However, if we have previously agreed to visit your home or place of shoot then you are welcome to do as you please to feel more glamorous.

Ah yes, the proverbial elephant in the room!  Some women are unsure about a male boudoir photographer, while some prefer them.  There are actually quite a few benefits to having a male boudoir photographer.  I guarantee a completely comfortable, professional, and FUN atmosphere.  One thing is certain, I will capture images that both you and your partner will enjoy!

  1. Men and women typically see women differently.
  2. I’ve been told that since my clients are getting these portraits as a gift for their husband, they want a man’s opinion and perspective.
  3. A common consensus is that it can be easier for a woman to show her sexy side in front of the camera with a male photographer because its a dynamic they are somewhat familiar with.
  4. Playboy, FHM, Maxim, and Sports Illustrated Swim Suit are mostly shot by male photographers.
  5. Find the photographer who makes you feel accepted, sexy, and with a style you can’t resist.

Heck yes!  I am here to help.  Once your session is booked we can then make recommendations on attire and themes and give you easy ways of making it all come to life.

Yes! It has become more common for many clients to order further edited images days, weeks and even months after a shoot.  We shall keep your images SAFELY on file for 3 months incase you ask for extra edited copies etc.  If you are not happy with this then we shall delete all copies once you have been given your digital images on the day.  It’s up to you!

In generanal you need to bring your own, feel amazing in your own lingerie.  We encourage you to wear something special that your partner loves to see you wear.  Once you have booked with us we shall send you further information including what to wear and what else to bring.